Ryan Strong

Not defined by one discipline Ryan Strong is a…

  • Fashion & Advertising Photographer
  • Film and TV Music Composer
  • Cinematographer
  • Graphic Designer

By day Ryan Strong directs the art department at clothing and lifestyle brand BALDWIN DENIM & COLLECTION.

At a freelance capacity Ryan also creative directs local to international brands and products from photography, branding and design, cinematography and video editing, to scoring and composing feature length films, commercials and short films – clients consider Ryan Strong a “one-stop-shop for their creative needs“.

Want to learn more about Ryan?

Described as a “multi-hyphenate” artist, Ryan Strong was featured in Kansas City’s 435 Magazine. Read the entire article here: Strong Style.

Also read this interview he had with one of Kansas City’s metro area libraries to learn more about his process and background… Featured Artist: Ryan Strong.