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  • Avant Titles

Avant Titles

One of my first pieces that was almost written entirely first on piano, then with strings tracked after.

Generally I usually write and record in sections. Knocking out different layers within each passage then moving forward. It was nice to have the entire composition’s bones laid out to then go in and add texture.

Full string sections that break out into different sections. The brass is somewhat understated with french horns while a moment of trumpets echo one of the main melodies – the trumpet was the last bit that was added and is one of my favorite moments in the song as it lifts the mood up a bit.

The piece concludes with the string sections of violins, violas, and celli breaking up in different smaller, chamber-like, sections while the celeste adds a twinkle to the pizzacato basses.

I very much so enjoyed getting lost in this piece while writing and recording and really involving myself in the mood that was happening. It was inspired by the movie Coco Before Chanel.

Skills: Music