• Randy’s Celeste — Cinesamples GUI

Randy’s Celeste — Cinesamples GUI

I had the unique opportunity to work with Hollywood’s best orchestral sample developers, Cinesamples, to help create the GUI (graphic user interface) of a virtual instrument software they developed for two popular software platforms: Native Instrument’s Kontakt player, and UVI’s MachFive player.

This instrument is called Randy’s Celeste, and is based off of one of Hollywood’s best keyboard player, Randy Kerber. Randy developed the recognizable celeste theme in “Harry Potter”, composed by the great John Williams, and can be heard intimately in “Hedwig’s Theme” as well as other pieces in the movies Harry Potter I, II, and III.

Have a listen to Randy Kerber playing his celeste in Harry Potter’s Hedwigs Theme…

For more information visit Cinesample’s website to learn more about Randy Kerber: Randy’s Celeste.

Client: Cinesamples Skills: Design